The four fundamentals to staying healthy.

If you are serious about finding real health and wellness, then you need to take charge of your life and health and address the four essential building blocks to better living: Move. Wellbeing. Eat and Sleep.

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Our bodies are designed to move around, not to be sitting at desks or on sofas. So bring more movement into your life. Try walking more, at least 7,500 steps daily and stand more in your day. A good place to start - spend 50% of your day standing and moving around and 50% sitting.

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When life is going in the right direction, we often feel a great sense of wellbeing and happiness. To achieve this, you need to set yourself a big goal – be it losing weight or owning a home and then write down the actionable steps you need to get you there. By tackling those steps day by day, you will achieve your goal and find more happiness along the way.

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Mum was right. Eat your vegetables! No matter what diet you follow, everyone agrees on eating more fresh veg. They are packed with goodness like carotenoids and high in fibre for detoxification. Start by planning meals around vegetables first, instead of the protein. Make nutrient packed vegetable smoothies. Dining out? Ask for an extra side of vegies instead of fries!

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The Sleep Foundation tells us we need 9 hours of good quality deep sleep a night to start feeling healthier and energized. That’s not easy. First you need a dark room. No street lights or sunlight peeking in. Invest in some good black out curtains. Otherwise the light will inhibit your melatonin production and you won’t be getting those deep zeds your body needs.

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