Your points go up.
The rewards roll in.

You don’t have to make big changes to start earning Healthy Points. Just make a few healthy choices and watch your points grow. How far you go and how much you earn is up to you.

Activity Healthy Points per activity Maximum Frequency Maximum points per year
Wellbeing 700
Non-smoker declaration 200 1 per year 200
Online wellness assessment 200 1 per year 200
GP check-up 100 1 per year 100
Dental check-up 100 1 per year 100
Fitness assessment 100 1 per year 100
Eat 520
Shop at New World for fresh, healthy food 10 1 shop per week at New World 520
Move Daily 2600
Work out at a gym partner 10 1 per visit with a maximum 5 visits per week 10 points per day from any exercise activity. Maximum of 50 points per week
Count steps with a connected activity tracker 3 Reaching 7.5k steps per day
5 Reaching 10k steps per day
10 Reaching 12.5k steps per day
Levels: Healthy Points per level Gym voucher reward on
level achievement
Cash back reward on anniversary*
Bronze 0-1,699 No reward No reward
Silver 1,700 $25 $50
Gold 2,300 $50 $75
Platinum 3,300 $50 $100

*Staff and Advisers/ASB Insurance Managers not eligible