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Now you don’t have to claim on your health insurance policy to enjoy the benefits. Healthy by Sovereign rewards you for things you already do each day, like walking the dog, going to the gym or shopping at the supermarket.

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How it works.

Each time you make healthy choices, you’ll be awarded Healthy Points. Earning Healthy Points is easy, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they add up. As you earn points, you’ll move up from bronze to silver, gold and platinum. The higher your level, the bigger your rewards.

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Connect a FitBit or Garmin Activity Tracker and you can accumulate Healthy Points every day. You’ll earn points when you exceed 7,500 steps every day.


Join one of our gym partners and save up to 20% on your monthly fee - plus you’ll accumulate points when you work out.


Better health starts with good food. That’s why we’ve made it easy to earn Healthy Points when you fill your New World basket with fresh, healthy food. Just upload your New World receipt from your weekly shop to claim your points.


You can earn points for getting an annual check-up at your GP and visiting the dentist. And we make it easier with our free online wellness assessment.

Do what you love. The rewards will follow.

Healthy by Sovereign rewards you for moving more, eating well and taking care of yourself. The more you do, the healthier you get and the better the rewards.

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